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Tankless Water Heaters

By Seattle Neighborhood Plumbers

Tankless Water Heaters  3/4" Service Valve Set

Ideal for the drain and flush procedure that is recommended by all tankless heater manufacturers.

Purchaser may need to buy 3/4" to 1/2" conversion pieces available at any local hardware store.

Complete with detailed instructions on installation and periodic service and flushing procedures for your tankless water heater. With these valves installed during your tankless water heater installation and initial setup, you can easily do future service and cleaning of your tankless water heater.

WARNING: Hot water may be present in the system when servicing. Use extreme caution when working on your tankless water heater. Hot water can cause injury, damage, or even death. If uncomfortable with cleaning procedures, please consult a professional.

Water runs hot and cold

Manufacturers of tankless water heaters are fond of touting their products' ability to provide an endless amount of hot water. But inconsistent water temperatures were a common complaint among our poll respondents. When you turn on the faucet, tankless models feed in some cold water to gauge how big a temperature rise is needed. If there's cool water lingering in your pipes, you'll receive a momentary "cold-water sandwich" between the old and new hot water. And a tankless water heater's burner might not ignite when you try to get just a trickle of hot water for, say, shaving.

Nor do tankless water heaters deliver hot water instantaneously. It takes time to heat the water to the target temperature, and just like storage water heaters, any cold water in the pipes needs to be pushed out. And tankless models' electric controls mean you'll also lose hot water during a power outage. 

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