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Freezing Water Is A Problem


When the temperature inside the home goes below 32 degrees Fahrenheit (0° Celsius) likely the water supply pipes and the drain traps will freeze. Anytime water freezes it expands 9 percent, if there is no room for expansion possibly the pipe will burst. After the ice thaws the pipe will leak, this leak could occur anywhere in the supply system. Fixing the burst pipe can be expensive; also the damage from the uncontrolled water leakage could easily reach into the thousands of dollars.


Whenever the plumbing supply pipes are close to the outside walls is a potential spot for freeze damage. Most houses have kitchen sinks in front of a window; pipes freezing beneath the kitchen sink are a common problem. The wall behind the sink needs enough insulation, if the insulation was not installed properly and there are gaps, there is a risk of supply pipes freezing under the sink. If there are any air leaks in the wall or sill area then freezing pipes will occur when there is a cold wind.


Some Pipes Freeze But Don't Burst


When the water inside the supply line freezes, it won’t always damage the pipe. Galvanized steel and most plastic pipes are less likely to rupture than copper.

It's a cold winter morning you turn on the faucet and water doesn’t come out of the faucet, the pipe is probably frozen somewhere. Finding where the pipe is frozen won’t always easy. You might see frost on the pipe... that's a sure sign of freezing.


Your Pipes Freeze…

When you turn on your faucets and the water does not come out, leave the faucets turned on and call a plumber at (206) 555-9999

If you think your pipes have frozen, turn off your water at the main shut valve and leave faucets turned on until a professional arrives.

For an Emergency Plumber Call (206) 555-9999 - 7 Days A Week

No Extra Charge for Nights, Weekends or Holidays.


Frozen pipe problems happen all the time without warning. Seattle Neighborhood Plumbers can handle all of your Frozen Emergency Plumbing and Sewer needs. We're Licensed, Bonded, and Insured, doing business in Seattle and the Suburbs for over 45 years. We're just a phone call away to solving your plumbing or sewerage needs.

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